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Alright, ladies and gentlemen…here we go, as promised: MEHM St. Louis County Volume I!!! I hope you’re as excited as I am to delve into Saint Louisan luxury; I expect you will find these manors vastly different from the homes we visited on our first two tours of St. Charles County.

There are so many rich, vibrant neighborhoods woven throughout the tapestry that is our local chunk of Missouri. It takes only a short drive to get from quaint, historic Old Town Saint Charles to the bustling hub that is Forest Park or the on-trend neighborhoods in Tower Grove… And these homes are sprinkled throughout our towns, just within our grasp, waiting for us to notice them and take a peek inside. Let’s! Shall we?


1. 9847 Litzsinger Road, Ladue MO 63124 – $6,650,000


Yeowza!!!! Can we just take this in for a moment..??? Look at the stonework on this home….the steep gables of the roof, the drive-through archway, the balconies and hedges…I mean this home is perfection. This is the exact way I want my future multi-million dollar home to look on the outside. As a matter of fact…I think every home I’ve ever made on The Sims looked this way (‘rosebud’ money cheat code anyone?? No?? Oh..well, playing the right way is fun too, I guess..)..

I really love this home’s classic feel, from the chandeliers to the intricate woodwork and clean lines.. The darker paint on the ceilings really creates interest and makes the chandeliers pop! The curved staircase is beautiful, but I think the real stunner here is the main floor billiard and bar room. Talk about an entertainment space!!! No need to be sent down to the dungeon if you’d like to hustle someone in a quick game of pool..!


No MEHM tour would be complete without a view of the chef’s space!! This kitchen does NOT disappoint…it’s just dripping with country charm. I would love to know what the view is like through those windows over that GORGEOUS apron sink..!!


I’m not a very good card player, nor am I a wine connoisseur…but this room certainly gives me the itch to try becoming both!! It just needs a flat screen mounted on the wall with a Cardinals game on, and you bet I’m right there, hibernating through the end of October.


In my professional opinion, a multi-million dollar home is only worthy of luxury status if it has an awesome feature like this one. A lovely movie theater room with stadium seating and custom acoustic-enhancing panels… I mean what could be cooler than this??? Hmm…

Oh, right. THIS is cooler. Okay, so maybe I knew that this house ALSO happens to have an outdoor kitchen and large, covered patio right next to a magnificent inground pool… Seriously. This is a wow factor. What a way to entertain your guests- serving frozen margaritas to whoever is at the bar, while chatting with people lounging in the shade and watching kids splashing in the pool. I can’t imagine a better way to spend your summer, can you?


Just look at the back view of this home! My goodness. It’s Mod-Goth in all the best ways and so visually appealing. I would say our first stop on the MEHM – St. Louis Volume I tour was a success, wouldn’t you? As always, I encourage you to go check out the other pictures of these homes…they are so incredibly worth it!!

**If you’re looking for your first home, your next home, or your dream home, you can search by many parameters on our website:! We would be happy to help you find your very own  outdoor kitchen and inground pool!

2. 2701 South Lindbergh, Huntleigh MO 63131 – $5,499,000


I don’t want to build this one up too terribly much…but I have never wanted to show off pictures of one of these houses as much as I want to show off the pictures of this one. This is hands down my favorite of all the homes we have toured in the MEHM series so far… To give you an idea, usually I save about 10-12 pictures of a home, and I’ll use maybe 6, 8 of them. This home, I was being PICKY and saved/used 19.

So yeah. I would DEFINITELY go look at all of the pictures on this one when you’re done here. Wowza. Think Mystery Mansion…Clue…And Then There Were None… Gorgeous, majestic, creepy-chic.. Mostly gorgeous, though. UGH! I. can’t. wait. Seriously! I think you’ll love this one too. Are you ready??


First stop, entry foyer. Not bad, right? Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the not-quite-50’s-diner flooring…but take a look down that corridor, will you?? Hallway for days… So this first room may be leaving you feeling a little indifferent so far, but please, just wait…


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but a good, hearty, solid wood paneled office is the key to my heart. Love everything, down to the furniture. Is that desk made out of marble? Who knows, but it sure is marbleous……………….

Get it? Marbleous…like marvelous? HA! Okay, moving right along…let us please take a look at that doorway…not just a doorway…a SECRET DOORWAY. Yep. Close that bad boy up and it matches the bookcase to the right. What kid doesn’t have dreams of owning secret rooms and hiding places that only you know about, right?? Well there you go.

Are you kind of starting to get the Clue/Mystery Mansion vibe here? I mean, these rooms are absolutely stunning. But I feel like there’s a pretty good chance that Colonel Mustard did it with the wrench in that conservatory room up to the left. You with me?


Alright, so now I KNOW I’ve got you on the same page as me with this one. HOW MAJESTIC IS THIS BATHROOM. Look at that beautiful, dark, romantic wallpaper and the sultry dimmed lighting.. Wow. Now, you certainly can’t call this room updated, but it’s like a historical painting- I marvel at the sight of it.

Now THAT, my friends, is a kitchen. Custom fridge, gourmet stove, splendid counters and floors, and not to mention those amazing cabinets… Just lovely. You may be thinking, It’s pretty, but it’s just a little too small for a multi-million dollar home... Well.


How about this sun soaked little kitchen hallway to add on to your spacial desires?? How crazy cool is that?

Before I move to the basement level, I just need to take a breath. This is the most well done, lovely basement that I have ever seen. You won’t find boring-old drywall, pod lights, and builder’s grade carpet in this basement. It is a masterpiece, the coup de grâce. Think, foggy London evening in a damp old cellar bar with a warm lager in your hand, gothic glam oozing out at you from every direction. Okay. I’m ready.






Alright…what did you think???? Be honest, did I talk it up too much? Or were you right there with me?? Wow. I love a traditionally finished basement as much as the next gal, but this space astounded me. Like, I’m literally at a loss for words for how much I am in love with this basement. There were so many more pictures that I had to leave out, including their movie theater area, and more…go look at the rest of the pictures when you get a moment. Just lovely.

Oh, you thought I was done after the basement? Nope. But look at this pool and outdoor fireplace! I want to hang out here, right now. Seriously…do you think the owner wants house guests?? *sigh* I guess we’ll move on to the last one…

3. 2660 South Warson Rd, St Louis MO 63124 – $5,190,000


This view of the grounds is breathtaking…it makes me wonder why the other homes on our tour did not take advantage of the drone photography for a shot like this…wow! These grounds are spectacular. Note the perfect lines in the lawn, the lush trees and hedges, the soccer field… Yep! Soccer field! Upper right. Awesome, isn’t it??


I must admit, I find the inside of this one a tad boring after that last home. But the grounds on this one put the others to shame. The inground pool is shrouded by trees, the house itself is stately and established, and the paths, walkways and courtyards are simply beautiful.


One word: appliances. MY GOOD GRAVY, that fridge and stove are fantastic. The light in the room is divine, and I can just imagine a boatload of kids pulled up to that island waiting to be served a 12 course breakfast. Or is it called brunch at a home like this, regardless of the time…? Hmm..


This house is much more compartmentalized than most of the homes on our tours have been. It’s beautiful, cozy and intimate, there’s nothing wrong with compartmentalized. However, for me…if I have one of these manors, I want it open and airy, where I can have a million guests and have a view of every one of them having a good time wherever I stand. Totally fair, right?


Here is a view for you…outdoor living room (behind the lens is a fireplace and mounted flatscreen…because why not…) overlooking the gorgeous hideaway pool and treehouse. I’m in love. I could read a mean book on that couch while listening to the kids go nuts with joy in the background..


Last but certainly not least, a regulation international singles-sized Squash Court, with a balcony for your viewing pleasure. There you have them, ladies and germs. The first three homes in our series of MEHM – St. Louis County. I truly hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

We are super busy, but are always looking for ideas of local joints to check out…so if you have a local restaurant, shop, attraction, etc that you think we should go see and blog about, please let us know!! 

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Thanks for tagging along with me on this tour of the Most Expensive Homes on the Market – St. Louis County Volume I!! We will be back soon with even more content for your viewing pleasure. =]

Until next time,


I cannot believe it is already two weeks into February…I don’t know what is happening to time…it usually doesn’t start speeding up like crazy until the warmer spring months. I guess that must mean we have been keeping busy! I like it!! 🙂

Now, down to business. I welcome you to Volume 2 of our MEHM – St. Charles County!! I’m incredibly excited to be your tour guide on this second journey through the lavish homes hiding in our own backyard. Last month’s list of homes boasted grandiose stairways and indoor basketball courts…I’m SURE this month’s homes will not disappoint.

Many multi-million dollar homes have flamboyant flights of stairs, extravagant entryways, killer kitchens…but do you know one other constant I’ve noticed?? Chandeliers…you know, “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier…live like  tomorrow doesn’t exist…”??? …No..? Beautiful song–you should go pull it up on Youtube to listen to while reading my blog. Just do it. I think you’ll thank me (remember when you listened to me and went to the With a Twist restaurant to have an out-of-body food experience?? Yeah. I’m totally trustworthy). Okay! Reigning it back in…chandeliers! Yes! SOOOO many chandeliers in these homes…foyer chandeliers…kitchen and dining room chandeliers…bathroom chandeliers…walk in closet chandeliers…chandelier scampi…chandelier gumbo………… Just wait! You’ll start to notice them, too.

Now, without further ado…



1. 6 Upper Whitmoor Drive, Weldon Spring MO 63304 – $2,580,000


Uhhhhhhhhh, wow. Take a second to take in this (genius) overhead view the listing agent had taken of this property. This is amazing. If the builder was going for grand, awe-inspiring, and presidential, I think they absolutely nailed it…don’t you?? This home is surprisingly only four bedroom, but with seven bathrooms! At a measly  5,129 sqft, this home is only about 1/3 as big as the first home on last month’s list.


Those grounds, alone, are wonderful. I’d like to take a midnight stroll on a cool summer night amongst those hedges…glass of wine in hand…I wonder if that’s what they had in mind when they designed them that way? I would also want hired players reciting Shakespearean tragedies in the background, with quiet piano music tinkling away somewhere in the distance…too much?? Come on, if you’re going to dream, might as well dream big, right??

There are so many things I love about this room…the coffered ceilings (how tall are those?? Twelve feet? Fourteen feet? Wow!)…the architecture in the arches and trim, the mirror above the fireplace…that balcony, those french doors…can you imagine the breeze you could get billowing into the living room with those bad boys open? I can feel it now…wait, seriously, I feel it now–does someone have a window open? It’s 12 degrees outside!


Oh, man…I would kill for a dining room big enough to have a table that huge in my home…I’m not a formal dinner kind of gal, but that would be an amazing card playing table!! I’m not a giant fan of this particular wallpaper choice, but looking past that…that archway and chandelier are pretty stunning, and I sure wouldn’t hate having a gorgeous, hand carved fireplace in my card-playing dining room either.


My biggest source of jealousy always comes from these bathrooms…man, that bathtub and window combination are just stunning, don’t you agree?? Yes, PLEASE! (Note also at the top of the picture–bathroom chandelier!)


Last, but not least, here is my favorite part of this particular home. The walk in wine cellar. Now this is impressive. I’m going to assume those aren’t $4 bottles of Aldi’s finest, either…so how many thousands of dollars in wine are here is totally beyond me! I wonder if they would work the wine stash into the sales contract…??

Before we move on to home #2, I’m curious… Did you notice that this home does not have a pool in the back yard? Do you find that odd? For me, when I’m wealthy enough to own a home this lavish, it’s going to have an inground pool. What about you? What is your one must-have in your multi-million dollar dream home?

**If you’re looking for your first home, your next home, or your dream home, you can search by many parameters (including whether or not homes have swimming pools!) on our website:

2. 3001 Matteson Blvd, O Fallon MO 63366 – $1,400,000


Okay, so this home is my absolute favorite. I absolutely love everything about it, and I think you’ll agree with me once you’ve seen the pictures. I highly suggest you go take a look at all the pictures for this listing, it’s worth it. The house is a little close in proximity to the other nearby homes, but everything inside totally makes up for it.


THANK YOU! An inground pool. Yes! Love the back elevation of this house, with all the windows and steep gabled roof… I could spend a ton of time in this backyard–did you see that there is a slide for the pool?? My inner child is screaming with joy!


The kitchen is just absolutely breath-taking. That breakfast bar wraps all the way around, for prime time seats to watch the cook of the house in action. The open, raised dining room would be an amazing place to host parties, because it is completely open, flanked on both sides by living rooms. Plus, the dining room is so big, it needed TWO chandeliers. Two.

Here is my fave-fave-FAVORITE part of the entire house. Wow. Who wouldn’t want to do work in this amazing office (and maybe have a cigar? I don’t smoke…really I don’t…and I don’t advise smoking inside your home–bad for resale value…but I imagine this would be the kind of room you would WANT to have a cigar in…right??)?

On the right, you’ll see that the ceiling is open to an observatory/watch tower of sorts…this is just the coolest. The upstairs room is attached to a game room, and I would just absolutely spend 99% of my time here: running in circles, watching birds, dancing and singing at the top of my lungs. Much to the chagrin of whoever is trying to get work done in that amazing office at any given moment, I’m sure…


I do believe this amazing room speaks for itself…but I’d like you to note a few things: custom art display wall, the fabulous windows and custom trim, the cute little doggie posing for the camera…ha! So stinking cute! Did you notice him before I mentioned it?? You do think it’s a real dog, right? That would be a weird place for a dog statue..

The master bedroom is pretty, but the highlight is the open hallway down to the bathroom. Seriously, this is a stunning view, and I would absolutely love to waltz down this hallway for my morning shower (or nightly bath with a book and glass of wine). Just beautiful.

Overall, I think this house was much more up to date and gorgeous than the others have tended to be on our tours..but it did lack the fun amenities that some of the others had–no wine cellar, no indoor virtual golf range, no indoor basketball court. But personally, I would give all of those up to have that master bathroom, kitchen, and pool. What do you think?

3. 24 Holloway Drive, Lake Saint Louis MO 63367


Last home on this month’s tour! I know–I’m sad it’s coming to an end, too!!

This home is nestled right on the water at Lake Saint Louis. This is an exclusive area that is incredibly sought after, and I think you can probably see why just by this first picture. The lake views in this particular home are simply amazing.


One thing I noticed right off the bat with this home, is that it is much more compartmentalized, with lower ceilings than the other two homes. I LOVE the exposed, natural wood beams in this kitchen, but my brain is really missing all the airy, visual space that the other homes had. Don’t get me wrong, though: this house is spectacular.


My favorite feature in this home is this amazing stove and vent enclosure. The brick/travertine mixture here is divine. I could really burn an amazing amount of dinners in this kitchen. 🙂


As you can probably tell from just these two MEHM posts–I am a sucker for a oversized, jetted tub framed by picture windows and a nice view. This one doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as the others, but I would say that the lake view makes up for any character it’s lacking. Don’t you agree?


Alright, folks. I leave you with this one, last, stunning view of our third home on this tour. I have to hand it to photographers that capture pictures as gorgeous as this. Is it as striking to you as it is to me? The back of the home is pure magic when presented this way. Not to mention that deck, hammock and pool are just absolutely screeching my name. And remember, just out of frame behind the photographer is the gorgeous Lake St. Louis…incredible.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the second volume of MEHM – St. Charles County!! Please, leave comments! Which is your favorite of these three?? What is your non-negotiable dream home amenity?? I’ll be back next month with another segment of Most Expensive Homes on the Market, though next time we will explore a little further out…we’re heading to St. Louis County for our next tour. Stay tuned!

And until next post, take a poke around, suggest places you think we should visit and blog about [restaurants, museums, shops, parks, etc], or head over to our website to search for homes for sale in your area.

Thank you for stopping by!


With A Twist

*Before I start–STOP what you are doing, and go eat at With a Twist. Seriously. You will not regret it. Come back here when you are finished.


Okay. Now, down to business. For months, Nick has been talking about this little local restaurant called With a Twist. Every time he mentioned it, I kept thinking…a sandwich place? You won’t shut up about this restaurant, and it’s a little sandwich place? I am now one crazy-delicious-sandwich-and-the-most-ridiculous-chicken-wings-I-have-ever-eaten wiser, and I am so thankful he opened my eyes.

A few days ago, Nick finally talked me into sitting down at WAT (they’re located in Cottleville on Mid Rivers Mall Drive–seriously, go now). I set myself up for a bland processed turkey deli meat sandwich, fully expecting to have to pretend I liked it so as to not hurt my poor hubby’s feelings. But oh my goodness. The guys at WAT are doing it absolutely right–all natural, local ingredients; a crazy fun menu FILLED with yummy items (the type of menu where you have a ‘wish list’ of things to eat on your next infinite visits); and a fun, casual, beachy vibe inside.

We tried an item new to Nick (who has been to this restaurant a dozen times in the last few months, and now I understand why), the chicken wings. Sigh. I love chicken wings. LOVE. I am also incredibly picky about my wings, so again I had my doubts. And now, I have a new favorite chicken wing place. Seriously people. We had the mild wings…they were a little spicy, so ridiculously flavorful, a tad fruity and 100% amazing. The wings were huge, breaded, and literally finger-licking good. I was not ashamed to be that girl: the lip-smacking finger-licker in between every. single. wing. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. De-lish.

Now, I will tell you…once my giant, delicious wings were finished, I was STUFFED. S.T.U.F.F.E.D. Despite having zero room in my stomach, my entree came a few minutes later. I say entree and not sandwich, because this bad boy was a 6-inch high sandwich packed with pulled pork, carved turkey, multiple cheeses, a signature sauce, and veggies all stacked on a wonderfully crispy-on-the-outside, tender-and-pillowy-on-the-inside, house baked pretzel bun (the ‘Cottleville’s Finest’). My dear goodness. I finished the whole thing, again, zero shame in licking my fingers afterward. I wanted to leave and come right back in the doors and have the exact same meal again.

So. Now you know. And I want you to go find out for yourself that what we speak is the truth. Walk in the door, take in the funky decor, close your eyes and point to a random sandwich on the wall menu and come back here and thank me later. And please, let me know what you’ve eaten there and loved…I want to add it to my ‘wish list’ for my next million visits there.

Oh, and did I mention they have brain on the menu? The sandwich is aptly named the ‘Zombie’. Yep.

Until next post,


The Most Expensive Homes on the Market – St. Charles County

One thing that I’m really excited about sharing with you here on the blog is this MEHM (Most Expensive Homes on the Market) segment.. I know I’m not alone when I say that every time I pass by an incredibly gorgeous, lavish, million dollar home, I wonder what the interior looks like…and if I’m being 100% honest, I ALWAYS picture them looking like the inside of the Home Alone house, haha! YOU know what I’m talking about…grand staircase cascading to your feet in an open foyer…chair rails/wainscoting along every wall…expensive, yet outdated wallpaper throughout…thick, handcrafted trim in every doorway…hardwoods and family heirloom art pieces galore…


Am I the only one who does this??? Well, regardless of how you picture the inside of these homes, I know we all have dreams of living like the other half lives. Now, once a month, you can journey with me through the Most Expensive Homes on the Market in Saint Charles County as we look at humongous home movie theaters, incredible indoor basketball courts, miraculous man caves…even a built in, self service car wash can be found below in these glamorous Saint Charles County homes…I hope you enjoy perusing through them as much as I have.

3 Most Expensive Homes on the Market – St. Charles County

1. 1 Upper Whitmoor Drive, Weldon Spring MO 63304, $7,450,000

This is the first home on our tour of the MEHM – St. Charles County. It is the most expensive, and in my opinion, the most lavish! It is a whopping 14,500 square feet, six bedrooms and EIGHT BATHS [6 Full, 2 Half]. That is an amazing amount of space, and I honestly can’t even imagine living in quarters that huge, can you?

Talk about a grand staircase…wow. Not exactly the same as that Home Alone house, but so far I’m 1 for 1 on whether they have a luscious set of stairs or not! They definitely make a fantastic first impression, especially since they frame that beautiful grand piano.

My second favorite part of this particular home is the indoor racketball/basketball court…I’m pretty sure this could be the gold standard for indoor sports arenas…I would LOVE to play some walley-ball in there!! [I do hope you know the sport I’m talking about…if not, google it! It’s incredibly fun…think racketball+volleyball].

And above is my favorite feature of this particular home…a built in, real-life self-service car wash! How neat is that?? I’m assuming you don’t have to bring buckets of change  for this one, either. ;]

It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? You could absolutely host some killer parties in this home…you could host MANY at ONCE and the guests would never cross paths! Don’t forget to check out the link to the listing to see all NINETY NINE pictures of this gem!! It is simply awe-inspiring.

*Fun fact: The estimated mortgage payment on this bad boy is a cool $38,690 a month. See other homes and get the estimated mortgage payments here on our website.

2. 11 Upper Whitmoor, Weldon Spring MO 63304, $3,995,000


The second most expensive home currently on the market in Saint Charles County is also tucked away in desirable Whitmoor, unsurprisingly. The first home was striking in its size and grandiosity, but this home is much more up-to-date in its finishes. It is almost half as expensive as the first home on the list (at $3,995,000 is damn near CHEAP ;]), but it certainly does not lack in amenities. I think this one is even more drool-worthy than the first. Take a look!


Look!! Another grand entrance graced by Goliath of a stairwell. Wow. [I’m 2 for 2!] I can already picture my son’s friends all polished up for homecoming, boutonnieres precariously pinned on, leaning awkwardly against that banister with their fresh-faced, taffeta clad dates by their sides…actually, I’m not quite ready to fast forward 14 years, thank you very much, so let’s move on!! ;]

Oh! And in case you were wondering its stats, this home is 11,748 square feet of architectural mastery nestled on a 3.3 acre lot…woo! They say size doesn’t matter, but I’m not so sure…and six bedrooms and 7.5 baths certainly wouldn’t bother me…unless of course I was the one wielding the vacuum every day… ;]


How about those ceilings??? Incredible. The kitchen itself is pretty, and lined with the second floor balcony, but the real stunner is the wall of windows in the eat in kitchen, and the fact that it flows beautifully through that archway into the living room. Love this so much I can hardly stand it!

You of course have heard of his and her closets…but these are monsters…I need closets like these in my life.


This home is the creme-de-la-creme of amenities, in my opinion. The man cave-ability of this home is nuts. There is a movie theater room and sauna [not pictured], a wine cellar-esqe bar and lounge, and my favorite–a virtual reality golf course. Incredible.


Breath taking. Absolutely breath taking. I feel all warm and fuzzy just looking it it–I feel like it should be on a post card…”Greetings from Saint Charles.” The modern finishes and amenities of this house make it more desirable for me than the earlier, much more expensive home…but then again, I guess I’m not exactly in the market for a few million dollar home. Not at this time, at least. ;]

*Don’t forget you can check out the other pictures from this home’s listing with the link above, and check out other homes on our website.

3. 10000 Turkey Hollow Road, Augusta MO 63342, $3,800,000

Here you have it! Here is your third MEHM – St. Charles County.  This is a historic home, built in 1855, that was originally part of Daniel Boone’s land. The original structure has been added onto over the years, and is now a gorgeous piece of updated history. With this particular property, you also get a few log cabins, a few pole barns, 4 acre stocked lake and a total of 196 acres for your money. Not too shabby!

The home itself is gorgeous, rustic, and teeming with character. That fireplace is worth the price of admission. And is that a moose head hanging on the wall? An elk?? I feel like Daniel Boone could be standing just out of frame, digging around in the fridge looking for a snack.

You cannot beat this view, people. And in the middle of Saint Charles County?? Augusta, MO is a quick drive from the heart of Saint Charles, and yet you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere [in a fantastic way]. I just cannot get over this property. For you adventurous types, there is a zip line over the lake…we don’t get a lot of clients who have THAT on their wish list, though I’m sure none would hate the idea.. ;]

Pictured above is a tree house that is perched on the hillside…I would love to know what the view was like from inside. I feel like you could get lost for days on this property and never get bored! I wonder if they take reservations for weekend getaways…?

Well, there you have them, kids. The three Most Expensive Homes on the Market in Saint Charles County as they stand at this very moment. What did you think? Could you see yourself living your every day life in one of these homes? Which of these extravagent amenities would you need in your dream home? Let me know! And check back later for the next MEHM – St. Charles County to see more homes like these! Thanks for reading!

Until next post,


Just a little [life-changing] app, no big deal!

Look at me go, two posts in one week!! I have to say, I can’t even believe it! However. I just had to come talk about this amazing, little, absolutely life-changing app….it’s wonderful. Have you heard of Homesnap?? Well?!? Have you?? It is an app that will change the mobile home search forever.


Stop everything you’re doing (yes, even stop reading my blog….right now!) and go download this app:

You will thank me, I promise! Everything you need for your home search, right at your fingertips. In the mood to do a search for homes in your price range? Hop on the app. At a stop light and see a For Sale sign in your dream home’s yard and want more information on it? Hop on the app. Have a quick question for me, your ever-loving Realtor, but don’t have time to make a phone call? Hop on the app. You get the gist of it!!

My two favorite things about this app: 1) if you are in front of a house that you would like more information about, you hop on the app, aim your camera at the home, and BAM! Information galore. 2) If you are driving to a friend’s house and realize you absolutely LOVE the neighborhood and wonder if there is anything for sale that you could purchase–hop on the app, and with location services turned on it will tell you every home that is for sale in the area!!

I cannot get over how cool this is…there is so much that I haven’t even touched on yet to figure out… You better believe there will be another post by me on the topic once I’ve gotten it all figured out..!!! You just watch!

If you already have it downloaded, what is your favorite use of the app? Has it successfully aided your home search? Let me know!!

(And don’t forget–download it NOW!! If you don’t need it now…you’ll need it later: Home SNAP!)

Hello World!

Hello world, and WELCOME! Thank you for stopping by. I am a Realtor on a mission to find new and exciting reasons to fall in love with my home town of Saint Charles, Missouri.

My hands-down favorite part of being a Real Estate Agent is that I get to play human-home matchmaker and be there for that pivotal moment of love at first sight as clients find their first home, their transition home, their forever home…I am one truly lucky lady.

I had a moment of realization, though, when I thought of how much of our city I haven’t yet gotten to know. I really have only seen the tip of the iceberg that is Saint Charles and Saint Louis, Missouri. I plan on becoming a tourist in my own backyard to find hidden gems and even MORE reasons to love where we live…because the more I feel it and live it and believe it, the better able I will be at helping others fall in love, too.

Please join me as I fall in love all over again with the town that I have called home for over 27 years. As I gear up for this journey, please let me know if you have a favorite spot that I just MUST see, and I will make sure to get there. In the meantime, please head over to to check out what we’re doing in the Real Estate business!

Thank you so very much for stopping by!! I’ll be back before you know it..